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iMade Flipbook from Firecoresoft is one of the youngest solutions on the market. Since 2012, the company has been engaged in creating professional tools for converting and encoding multimedia formats. Thanks to this experience, publications have a relatively small size in comparison with similar solutions. The software has an intuitive interface, batch processing support, and available for Windows and Mac.


iMade Flipbook Publications

Economic report Economic report example in flipbook format
Product catalog
with external links
Product catalog example in flipbook format
Promo brochure Promo brochure example in flipbook format
Online magazine
with the table of contents
Online magazine example in flipbook format

iMade Flipbook supports batch conversion of multiple PDF documents at once. In the main application window, you can select one or multiple PDF files, specify a page range separately for each document that should be extracted and converted, and set the path to the folder where you want to save your publications.

Publications can be saved as HTML files and as a standalone SWF file. After pressing the "Export" button, all selected PDF files will be converted with a preset appearance and functionality settings. You can adjust the settings in the customization section of the application.

Import wizard in iMade Flipbook

Publications created by iMade Flipbook software have the built-in search feature, the ability to select and copy any text on pages, the full screen mode, and the table of contents (automatically extracted from a source PDF document). Readers can navigate through pages of a publication using the thumbnail feature, create custom bookmarks, use the built-in zoom and print features.

In addition, you can enable the hard cover effect and change the size of a publication in a window, the speed of the page flipping animation, and the time delay for the automatic page flipping mode.

Appearance settings of iMade Flipbook

In the customization section, you can choose one of the 14 predefined templates, which will fit your publication design, and set one of the 24 animated preloaders, which will show the progress bar along with the title of your publication during the initial loading of the publication. Alternatively, you can completely disable the preloader by replacing it with a black screen.

After that, you can add a company name to the upper right corner of the publication window, change the background image, adjust the color of buttons on the publication toolbar, and enable or disable the features of your publication that will be available to readers.

Preloader settings of iMade Flipbook

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iMade Flipbook

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