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Flip PDF is one of the most feature-rich and cost-effective solutions on the market. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has sold over 200,000 licenses of the software for Windows and Mac platforms worldwide. The standard version provides deep customization options and support for mobile devices, while the Professional and Corporate editions include rich media features, interactivity, and cloud storage.


Flip PDF Publications

Economic report
with the embedded video
Economic report example in flipbook format
Product catalog
with external links
Product catalog example in flipbook format
Promo brochure
with background music
Promo brochure example in flipbook format
Online magazine
with the table of contents
Online magazine example in flipbook format
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Flip PDF allows you to create full-featured digital publications based on Adobe Flash and HTML5 technologies for desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. Publications can be made either by importing PDF documents and images or from scratch using the built-in word processor. PDF files and images can be imported one by one or all at once.

With the Import Wizard, you can either select one of 5 preset profiles of conversion settings or adjust any of the settings manually using your custom values, such as the compression ratio, the size of pages, the level of DPI, the type of the conversion engine, and rasterization parameters. The custom values can be set separately for desktop and mobile versions of a publication for both normal and zoom modes.

Additionally, you can set a range of pages that you want to import, enable the automatic transfer of the table of contents and links, specify the orientation of landscape pages, and insert a custom watermark.

File import in Flip PDF

After importing, you can rearrange pages in the Page Manager and apply one of the preinstalled templates. The template library contains 85 templates arranged in 9 groups. Each group has its own unique design of buttons, windows, and toolbars. Templates in the same group differ in color and background image. In addition, you can download free online templates. The online template library contains over 80 new templates.

Besides this, there are 3 more built-in libraries that contain gorgeous background images (585+) grouped by themes, animated backgrounds (190+), and interactive gadgets (15+) designed to add various types of content such as video, audio, image galleries, and informational messages to the main window of a publication. The exact number of available items in each library depends on the version of the software.

Template library in Flip PDF

After applying one of the preinstalled templates, you can customize its look and functionality separately for different types of modern devices according to your project requirements. The Preview Window allows you to see how a publication will be displayed on desktops and laptops in Flash and HTML5 modes and on tablets and phones running iOS and Android.

With the appearance settings, you can add your logo and a custom background image, adjust the color, texture, and transparency of the toolbar in the Flash version, change the color and icons of buttons, and enable or disable features of a publication such as the zoom, search, social sharing, table of contents, full screen mode, auto-flipping mode, text selection, attachments, printing, bookmarks, and annotations. You can also choose the display mode of a publication on mobile devices by applying the effect of flipping or sliding pages, customize the preloader with your image and a title in the HTML5 version, change the highlighting color of links on pages, configure the context menu that opens on right-click, and add background music. To enhance the feeling of a real book, it is possible to enable and adjust the hard cover effect and modify the speed of the page flipping animation, the thickness of pages, the opacity level of the page shadow, the magnification level of the zoom feature, and more.

To measure the efficiency of your marketing efforts, you can enable the built-in Google Analytics tracking to collect and analyze detailed statistics about views of a publication. For security reasons, you can set a password protection for all or some pages. It is also possible to save all the settings as a new template and use the batch processing feature to create multiple publications with the same design and functionality.

Appearance settings of Flip PDF

There are many advantages of Flip PDF software, but the one that overshadows all others is the new extremely powerful Flip Page Editor, available in the Professional and Corporate editions. After being fully redesigned and renovated to meet the latest requirements of the modern digital publishing industry, today it provides the most comprehensive range of options for creating truly spectacular digital publications.

With a combination of clickable links, videos, images, preset animations, audio, and the integrated e-commerce solution, it is possible to significantly enrich the traditional text-only form of content presentation and efficiently enhance readers' attention to a publication. The new content management system allows all types of multimedia and interactivity to be added to imported PDFs as well as enabling publications to be created from scratch using the built-in word processor with pre-designed page layouts, fonts, styles, and shapes.

Flip page editor in Flip PDF

Using the upper toolbar in the Flip Page Editor, you can choose to add various types of multimedia objects to the pages of your publication. The links tool allows you to create clickable areas to flip a publication to a specific page, open an external link containing a URL address, email address, or phone number to instantly call, play a video that is either attached to a publication or from YouTube and Vimeo in a popup window with a specified title and size, start a slideshow of images in the full browser window on top of a publication, or display an informational message with an image, link, and the ability to customize the background color, font style, and window size.

As well as this, the clickable areas can start a multiple-choice quiz with images set up using the built-in Quiz Editor, play an audio file with music or a voice recording, and execute a custom JavaScript code. After assigning an action, you can customize the appearance settings of a clickable area including color, transparency, and rounded corners, turn the highlighting effect on or off during the opening of a page, and enable a tooltip with additional information when the mouse is over a clickable area.

With the Flip Page Editor, you can place clickable areas with assigned actions anywhere in a publication, especially where it was intended by design of a PDF document, or insert new design elements including images, buttons, shapes, and text captions.

Interactive features of Flip PDF

With the video tools, you can embed local video files — in MP4, FLV, and F4V formats — and online videos from YouTube and Vimeo in pages of a publication. The settings menu allows you to adjust the appearance and functionality of the video player. You can choose the look and color of the control buttons area by selecting one of the predefined player skins, add a shadow effect around the player and adjust the color, transparency, size, and direction of the shadow, turn the autoplay on or off during the opening of a page, set the exact size, location, tilt angle, and transparency of the player, and add specific parameters to YouTube and Vimeo videos such as starting video playback from a specified time point.

With the audio tools, you can embed an audio player to play music or voice recordings in MP3 format. The audio player supports playback of single and multiple files in succession. Readers will be able to switch between multiple audio files. In the settings menu you can choose a player skin, set the exact size, location, tilt angle, and transparency of the player on a page, add an optional shadow effect around the player, and configure the autoplay and autostop features during the opening and leaving a page.

The integrated e-commerce solution available in the Professional and Corporate editions allows you to sell products and services directly from the pages of your publication via PayPal. You can enable the built-in shopping cart functionality, place pre-designed or custom e-commerce buttons on pages, and fill out product cards with product names, descriptions, images, prices, and delivery time. Other necessary information such as size, color, and quantity can be set to be chosen by the user during the purchasing process.

Multimedia features of Flip PDF

Final publications can be instantly uploaded to the cloud storage using the built-in control panel and become available online in a few seconds. With the control panel, you can manage your publications in the cloud: upload, download, rename, add to collections, temporarily hide, set a password, add to the digital bookcase, and delete. In addition, publications can be managed remotely via the web interface from any other computer.

As well as this, you can upload publications to your own web server using the built-in FTP client or save them to your computer, either in the HTML format for viewing in a browser, as a WordPress plugin, Joomla extension, or Drupal module — for sites built with these CMSs — or for viewing solely offline as a standalone Windows or Mac application with a custom icon and optional features such as password protection and expiration time.

In the next step, you can select the Flash or HTML5 mode for displaying publications on desktops and laptops, specify HTML meta tags such as the title, description, and keywords, and enable the creation of the basic HTML version for both viewing in older browsers with no Flash or HTML5 support and to allow search engines to properly index the content of a publication. For added convenience, publications can be automatically compressed to a ZIP archive and burned to CDs and DVDs with the autorun feature.

Publishing options of Flip PDF

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