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aXmag is one of the most simple and easy to use solutions for creating high quality digital magazines from regular PDF files. The company was founded in 2005 and has since developed and brought to the market several software products and online services for converting documents between different formats. ePublisher (previously known as PDF to Flash Converter) is the primary product of the company.


aXmag ePublisher Publications

Economic report
with the embedded video
Economic report example in flipbook format
Product catalog
with external links
Product catalog example in flipbook format
Promo brochure
with background music
Promo brochure example in flipbook format
Online magazine
with the table of contents
Online magazine example in flipbook format
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aXmag ePublisher uses its own "ClearVector" engine for converting text and raster graphics into vector format. It preserves the sharpness of even the tiniest details of original documents. Other advantages of this engine include the small size of converted files and background downloading of publication pages.

The software consists of two parts: the Import Wizard and the Editing Tool. With the Import Wizard, you can select a PDF file, specify its type, remove page margins, set your Google Analytics tracking ID, and customize the appearance of a publication.

Import wizard in aXmag ePublisher

Appearance settings allow you to add a logo, set a background image or solid color, and add background music. You can also adjust the speed of the page turning animation, choose which publication features such as the table of contents, printing, full screen mode, and social buttons should be available to readers, and enable password protection.

aXmag ePublisher automatically transfers the table of contents and links from a source document to your publication. It also supports editing of the table of contents and adding new links. All changes can be seen in the Preview window.

Appearance settings of aXmag ePublisher

aXmag ePublisher Pro edition includes a simple editing tool, which allows the adding of interactive elements to publication pages. The editing tool supports adding links, as well as embedding of videos (.avi, .mp4, and .flv), images (.jpeg and .png), and audio (.mp3). Links can be set to open website pages and other pages within the publication.

In addition, you can enable the "Auto Flip" feature, which will automatically turn pages after a specified time interval. This feature can be used at exhibitions and in retail stores.

Editing tool in aXmag ePublisher

Online publications support viewing on tablets and mobile phones running iOS and Android. Readers can print publications, use the built-in search, share publications on social networks, download source PDF files, use the zoom feature and full screen mode.

After purchasing aXmag ePublisher, you get a lifetime license to create an unlimited number of publications (you can use your own company logo and remove all aXmag watermarks), a free 1 year subscription to software upgrades and updates, and technical support by email.

Conversion status window of aXmag ePublisher

Besides aXmag ePublisher software, you can also try aXmag's Online Publishing Service that is designed to create, store, and manage all your publications in one place. It works in a browser and does not require installation of the software on your computer.

After uploading a PDF document to the cloud storage, aXmag automatically converts it to an online publication instantly available for previewing. After that, you can embed your publication to a website, send a link to it by email, share on social networks, and download files of your publication for backup purposes or for uploading them to your own web server. You can try out the service in trial mode without registration.

Online publishing service of aXmag

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aXmag ePublisher

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