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3D PageFlip is the only solution for creating page flipping publications in 3D. Three-dimensional representation is best suited for showing photo albums, children's books, greeting cards, and small brochures with bright and unique content. The software provides powerful tools for adding multimedia content and interactivity along with the online service for uploading and storing 3D publications in the cloud.


3D PageFlip Publications

Economic report
with the embedded video
Economic report example in flipbook format
Product catalog
with external links
Product catalog example in flipbook format
Promo brochure
with background music
Promo brochure example in flipbook format
Online magazine
with the table of contents
Online magazine example in flipbook format
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3D PageFlip software supports importing of PDF documents and images in the most popular formats. For PDF files, you can select the range of pages that should be imported and set a compression ratio. The application automatically extracts and transfers the table of contents and links from a source document to a publication. Images can be imported one by one or all at once by specifying a path to their folder.

It is also possible to import Microsoft Office documents by installing a free version of OpenOffice suite.

Import PDF and images in 3D PageFlip

The standard version of 3D PageFlip comes with 63 predefined templates arranged in 10 groups. Templates have different styles, color variations, and background images. More than 100 new templates can be downloaded from the official website here and here. All templates are free and can be used in the trial version.

After choosing a suitable template, it can be further customized in accordance with the style of your publication. Available options include changing colors, adding a logo and background music, toolbar customization, changing the thickness of pages and tilt angle of a publication.

Design settings of 3D PageFlip

The preloader of a publication can be customized to match the overall style. You can choose from preset options or create a new preloader with your publication name, a small description, and any font color and background color. All changes can be seen in the preview window. Custom preloaders can be saved and applied to other publications.

In addition, you can enable Google Analytics tracking by adding your ID to the settings menu to track the number of page views and traffic sources of your publication.

Preloader customization in 3D PageFlip

3D PageFlip Professional version includes the powerful Page Editor, which allows you to add links, buttons, videos, audio, images, text, and Flash files to the pages of your publication.

Links and buttons can be used to open other pages of your publication and external websites. They can also perform other actions such as to show video files, text messages, and Flash files in a pop-up window, start a photo slideshow, play an audio file, and execute a custom JavaScript code.

The Page Editor supports importing videos in MP4 and FLV format, embedding videos from YouTube, and streaming SWF video.

Page editor in 3D PageFlip

3D publications can be uploaded to the cloud storage provided by the software developer using the easy to use control panel and to your web server using the built-in FTP client. You can also save them locally as HTML files, ZIP archive, and an offline application for Windows. Additionally, publications can be exported to the ePub format and burned to CDs and DVDs.

Online publications can be viewed on tablets and phones without Adobe Flash. You can select the display mode for mobile devices from two available options. The first option uses a page flipping effect, while the second shows pages as slides.

Publishing settings of 3D PageFlip

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